Henry Jenkins on access and media

The prolific and provocative Henry Jenkins has plenty to say on new media and old and their impact on culture.

“The difference between someone who’s got 24/7 broadband access at home and on the road compared to someone who got ten minutes of access a day in a school or public library…is going to have real effects on our society, which is why I’m concerned about new media literacy. It also has consequences globally, if Americans are regularly in correspondence with people around the world online, but only hearing from those who have access to these technologies. ”

We also talked about the idea of personalized media and whether it represents the future.

“Personalized media . . .would be any media that I could customize to my own particular needs. I’m increasingly interested not in personalized media but in socialized media, that is in a network society it’s our ability to use these tools in concert with others to mobilize large numbers of people toward a common cause or tackle a problem that the individuals couldn’t solve by themselves.”

He also thinks that media companies have lost control of their brand and content, with ongoing repercussions.

I talked with him for Shukan Daiyamondo in Japan.

Here’s the full text as I submitted it.
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