Everything is David Weinberger

David Weinberger is one of the seers of the digital age. I spoke with him earlier this year, after his latest book, “Everything Is Miscellaneous,” had been out for about six months.

As he noted when we talked, the ideas in his book, which focus on a third, digital order of information, one that is far more flexible and open than information can be in the physical world.

As Weinberger said, businesses see this as a way of enabling customers to find more of what they want. It is accomplishing the most basic task of marketing, which is to connect customers with the products that they want. There is, of course, confusion, because this is an area that we together are inventing. There’s a lot that’s already been invented, but we’re nowhere near done figuring out how to make the massive information that we have useful to people.

Here is the full interview, as submitted to  Shukan Daiyamondo:
David Weinberger World Voice

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