Opus Done

I’m not sure when I stopped reading the funnies. True confession: they were the main reason I got the Sunday paper. (Then again, I no longer like playing in the rain, and only make snow angels for the principle of the thing.  No wonder I’ve stopped reading the comics.)  I get three Sunday papers and give the funnies to the kids.  So it was pure happenstance that I  saw the end of Opus.
“Bloom County” used to be one of my favorites, so I made myself go to the page on the Humane Society site where Berkeley Breathed said goodbye to Opus. (Don’t go to Breathed’s site — it’s so slow to load his tribute that it feels like accessing the Web on dial-up).  Having to disconnect from paper to Web was annoying; but it was worse that it stirred nothing.  I didn’t recognize the detritus that Breathed gathered to pull at the heart strings of loyal Opus followers, and thought the placing of him in Goodnight Moon was about Breathed, not Opus. I was happier seeing the sentiment in the eyes of Steve Dallas in the last panel in the paper.

Maybe I need to start reading the funnies again.

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