Cookies, stumbled

I have no idea how my grandmother used to do what she did every Christmas: bake until the kitchen was full of cookies, prepare a massive meal for a subset of her 13 brothers and sisters and their families, wrap copious presents for under the tree, and still manage to hold down a 9-to-5 job.  This past week I baked a couple kinds of cookies, picked up a few presents and am pretty much wiped out. I had thought I would bake four or five kinds of cookies, but it takes way more time than I would’ve expected (I also have family complaining about the number of calories I am creating). Maybe she used her years of experience to cut the time in half, or managed to make two or three batches of dough at once? Maybe the Sears catalog was a more efficient way to shop than  I am newly in awe of her, may she rest in peace.

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