The future of education

Since February of 2006, I’ve contributed interviews for the World Voice column in Shukan Daiyamondo (Diamond Weekly), a large Japanese business magazine. Diamond’s Web site is both registration-only and in Japanese, a language I do not read. I’ve been reluctant to post on my site the files I send to my editor at Diamond, since they’ll inevitably be different from what I send. But on this journal I can be a little less formal, and in the interest of populating this site, I’m going to post one or two World Voice interviews a day until I catch up.

The first one I did was with education entrepreneur Chris Whittle, who runs Edison Schools, a for-profit manager of public schools. His book “Crash Course” was recently out. The document is here: whittle-qa.doc

A sample: If you study a chart of percentage of GDP allocated to different sectors, number one is healthcare and number two is education. So it’s a big world. And business is going to be in it in a very serious way.

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