My Latitude week leading into Memorial Day

LIfe at a startup; I gave up on getting this post to work in Chrome and Safari almost four weeks ago. Finally was able to spend a little time uninstalling and reinstalling Firefox. Back in business!

Here’s what I did back then:

Looking back at what I did for Latitude News last week. I edited four solid pieces:

This in-depth look at Norway’s Breivik identity crisis.
a Q&A with Ruchir Sharma on his book Breakout Nations.

I also edited this strong two-part series on the odd collaboration against TransCanada’s Keystone XL pipeline by Albertan oilworkers and Texan farmers and ranchers, two groups you’d expect would support the pipeline.

I dashed off these curated items on

The start of summer music festival season and how China’s push for renewable energy is shaking up the U.S. startup scene.

I gave a primary edit to these curated items on the

A good week of content. Onward!

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