This week at Latitude News

Some fun content went up this last full week of June. I curated this item on a Hindu pundit (yes, the real thing, though it’s pandit, in his vernacular) who has spent more than 20 years in Alberta, Canada. I find stories of people maintaining a spiritual practice in the face of massive materialism worth mulling.

I also found the silver lining in news that a major British bank suffered a massive system failure. And I gave the primary edit to this item from India, on a possible answer to the country’s lack of toilets.
We had several fascinating looks at the connections between America and the world this week. This unusual item from Turkey looked at the impact American creationists are having on science education in that country. Our piece on how the crisis in Syria affects Syrian-Americans showed the poignance of their situation.

In the wake of news that AIDS is growing in the rural South, we looked for attitudes and answers in two small Alabama towns.
We also advanced a story about a Russian official who wants the U.S. to shut down a Montana orphanage. Not every day a plucky startup gets a jump on the rest of the U.S. press.

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