Even kids will read papers if…

I sometimes throw parts of the newspaper at my kids (using the print version, not the tablet version) to see what happens. If it’s just a story, they tend not to look at it too closely. But lately the B section of the Boston Globe has featured eye-popping photographs, and once they see those, they want to read the story. Recently they were fascinated by pieces on a record-breaking pumpkin. They read the first piece, raising the possibility of a record, and then devoured the piece covering the prize itself. Today they were both fascinated by this piece about a man’s record-breaking biceps.

They read the jump page and everything. These pieces form part of their conversations for the day. They’ll bring up details from the story later in the day, or ask me what I think about them (cute that they think of me still as some kind of expert). Now I need to show them the pieces on the tablet and see if they find them as gripping. Or maybe I should set up a Billy Baker feed, since all three of these stories were his work.
Would they prefer the newspaper version of the story to seeing this on YouTube?

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