How belief is not like sudoku

I interviewed Amy-Jill Levine in advance of the release of her new book, Short Stories by Jesus. She’s funny and enormously knowledgeable at the same time, and the book is like that, too. Never did I expect to find myself thinking about how Rocky and Bullwinkle are like the parables. I have this quote I’m not likely to use in the Q&A. It doesn’t fit. But I liked it. It said something true about leaps of faith.

“I’m frequently asked, since you know so much about Jesus and since you so appreciate his teachings, why don’t you worship him?  But belief, faith, I don’t think have anything to do with academics or how smart you are. Belief is not like sudoku, that if you’re smart enough you can all get the right answers. Belief is more like love. What makes perfect sense to one person makes absolutely no sense to someone else.”

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