Entering the unknown

I don’t know much about what I’m getting into. George Johnson of the New York Times has written this piece on neurotheology, God is in the Dendrites, which refers to a moment in the 2005 seminars. In the wake of the 2005 seminar, Johnson also wrote Agreeing only to disagree on God’s place in science, and on The Edge has made general references to how much he enjoyed his time here. Jeff O’Brien, who was at Wired when he was a fellow in 2006 and has since moved to Fortune, kept a blog, though it doesn’t end up dwelling much on the seminars.

I suspect there’s not a lot of time to blog about what goes on here. I’ve posted thoughts on a few of the readings that have been suggested, but I’ve read several more books and just haven’t had time to post on them. We’ll see what happens as the next two weeks unfold. Maybe people are too busy reliving their college lives to post — tonight after a group dinner I went over to Trinity College to the Singing on the River, an annual event where the Trinity College Choir sits on punts in the River Cam and serenades anyone who wants to come sit or stand on the banks. It’s fabulous, just fabulous. At about 11:30 their punts shove off and they meander down the river, still singing…

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