Fighting global warming

My latest Prototype column for the New York Times,
It Takes Deep Pockets to Fight Global Warming, looks at some of the big ideas in climate change, and how hard it will be to get them implemented.

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  1. Hello, MF, dan bloom here in taiwan. read about in googling james lovelock and then read Knight Ridder news about Massachusetts freelacner you who went to UK last summer , on panel with JL. Wow. Just read your NYTimes piece and found your blog. I am in taiwan, reporter, writer, dreamer blogger here, i got a blog rant that you prob will not agree with, but i want to introduce you to the ideea of POLAR CITIES, for future survivors of global warming ending event, year 2500 or so. I got idea from JL. he said only breeding pairs in arctic regions will survive, maybe 200,000 souls….so idea popped into head of POLAR CITIES or sustainable polar retreats, SPR, and have been blogging for 6 months about this now, and NOT ONE mainstream media will answer my calls or emails. Can you write something about POLAR CITIES idea, in future article. We need to start thinking and planning and designing them now, and also, MF, this is a kind of Swiftian modest proposal to scare people. We are in big doo doo and i fear the worst. you are right….it will not be an easy fix, and my guess is we are done for as a species, come year 2500…..why do so few people get this? You do. James Howard Kunstler does. Fred Pearce does. JL does……by the way, do you know i might contact Lovelock by email.?

    email me at danbloom GMAIL

  2. The Knight Science Journalism Tracker linked to this column, and did a better job explaining it than I think I did myself.

    to wit: “he spins an authoritative-looking little essay on the wide ignorance, even among greenies, of the scale of effort it will take to turn global warming around (a lot more than, say, a better wind turbine, biofuel, or plug-in hybrid car).”

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